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Monday, August 7, 2006
06:15 p.m.
And it came to pass...

ready for a change?

Well, i'm just having doubts if im willing enough to go to Australia and migrate there.My husband does not really want to stay long there to live, I on the other hand, am willing to do so. There you are paid $200 per 2 weeks as pension for your child and all medications there a free of charge. It seems to be a perfect place to live, but there must be a catch to that and i am going to find out what, whether they believe me or not.

As for spiritual, i am quiet interested to join the choir (train them) or something as long as it is not putting me on the spotlight. I do miss singing but not in the way that i used to do way back when i was yougn and was always forced to join by my gradmother. I just hope, this time, i can breath more to do my part in the church and share my God given talents to them.

Saturday, July 29, 2006
02:27 p.m.
And it came to pass...

here at the office

As the title says, I'm here at the workplace (my in-laws office) where i'm trying wi-fi. Its super fast pala pag wii-fi. Diba i dont have PC at home.

Anyways, still doing real estate work for my in-laws. This is the only job that is aplicable to my lifestyle, though i wasnt to work outside the house, but this is fine for now. Maybe in Australia na lang pag punta dun. hopefully...

As for my life in general, nothing really changed,pahirap lang ng pahirap and situation namin sa house. We recently lost our electric connection due to unpaid balances, an issue i still have to discuss to my father. My grandmother is obliging me and my husband to pay up all the bills in the house,which for me, we can pay only a part of it. A lot of things to be discussed with regards to this particular issue, and my father is the only one who can answer them all.

well thats for now, till next time.

Monday, July 10, 2006
02:55 p.m.
And it came to pass...

still a housewife...

me? still ingit to Rien about her going to the states for her training (ang galing mo bakla!) and at the same time proud of her. What have i been doing lately? nothing really...oh! i now have a cellphone. I gave my numbers to my friends and they are not texting back, have you forgotten me? well, hope you are all doing fine with your jobs and all. Nothing much to say really, till then

Sunday, June 18, 2006
03:39 p.m.
And it came to pass...

Happy birthday and happy father's day!!!

Yup! my birthday was last 12 and today is father's day. I haven't greeted my father yet...does'nt even have the intention to...and how was my birthday? just like any ordinary day. I'm not really into celebrations. I'm just thankfull that even now i am a mother i still have life to share to my family and hopefully still live long in this earth. Happy birthday to me!!!! :)

Thursday, June 1, 2006
04:35 p.m.
And it came to pass...

trying to make some money

Yup! its been soooo loooong since i last entered anything here, you see i dont have a PC at home thats why i cant attend to this that oftern. Before i had job which we have internet connection, thats why I was able to update this pag, but as of now i can only update this through my in-laws PC.

With regards to making money, yes i am planning to start my own business...a tiangge business that is. Since one of my husband's Aunt has conncetion with regards to where can we get supplies, and we will be having enough money to start the business, i think everything will be set soon. I believe this is much better compaired to when i am working 8 hrs a day. I can still work and earn money and at the same time, i can still watch my kid. I guess nobody else will say i am irresponsible...

Sunday, April 23, 2006
04:33 p.m.
And it came to pass...


Yup! i am now jobless. I just resigned. I find the job braindraining, no offense to thoes who have been working in a call center ever since but, i think its just not for me. Im still looking and hopefully I'll be ablt to get a job that fits me well.

Saturday, April 1, 2006
09:10 p.m.
And it came to pass...


jost got interested with this quiz....just had my salary!!! im so happy, though its just a samll amnt.

here you go

You Are Lightning
Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
Even though you're capable of random violence

You are best known for: your power

Your dominant state: performing

so what you think???

Saturday, April 1, 2006
02:51 a.m.
And it came to pass...

im all alone....who cares,!

I'm all alone...who cares...even the care bears dont care. Well, yes i am all alone when it comes to work. As much as i want to reunite with my wavemates, i believe that is no longer applicable as to date. I take my lunch alone, leave work alnoe, talk to ...myself, and whats more i have to answer all question in the phone alone. Im not, as of now, really concerned if i will stay for long here at work. i'm actually expecting for my to be terminated, not that i am thinking negative, but just preparing myself for the worst. if i wont be able to make it here, then i'll just move to a different company, probably a day job, i dont know for know. As for my work, i think im handling everything well, though i keep on asking almost everyone about what to do in a certain situation, nut the hell...im not working because of them,right?
i think i'll still survive...or whatever...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
11:54 p.m.
And it came to pass...

and the next day....

now is tuesday...what up with me? Just the same, though i am now trying to reconnect with my wavemates, one which is doing good. I am having this feeling that my buddy is talking something behind my back and i dont know what it is. This buddy of mine loves to wisper and i have this feeling that its about me. I am not taking this personally, i just hope that if it is something that is about me, then maybe its can be said directly to me. I wont take it against the person, i would really appreciate it if it happens. Im actualy thinking of giving them a thank you letter in our grad day, just to thank them, not to make them feel guilty about anything. I still remember how they showed their support on me when i am having troubles passing the prod training. Maybe they see me as a weak person thats why they dont want to talk to me anymore. Its ok, im used to not being recognized, im not working for them, im working for my daughters future. Nevermind mine. Im ok.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
11:55 p.m.
And it came to pass...

new week

hows monday for me???... so far, its been good. thought last week was really stressfull. I am able to pass my OCP, took live calls already and felt left alone. For the OCP, it took me the whole shift (7 calls in all) to pass the test, which is really tiring. And I felt that from the time i started to fail in every quizzes at that time. I dont know it it was just me or its really happening. You know the feeling that you are an ivisible being amongst your used-to-be companions. I asked one of them, i told him why is he not talking to me, he said that he was just busy. I am really not sure if he is telling the truth or just being polite. Before, he used to tell me what happend to him earlier (he does the same to everybody), but now, i no longer hear him talk to me, not even approach me for a simple question. the others, well...they use to talk to me, small chat,but now, no longer. They are currently are having a plan to go on vacation, not including me. Not that i want or can come with them, but the mere thought of asking or including me is enough. Am i just being self centered here, or everything is really happening. Its ok, dont mind me, im invisible, i dont work for you, i work for my family and for my self...i dont hate you just felt bad about it. I had cried over it, im ok now...really i am.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006
03:48 a.m.
And it came to pass...


i cried last friday because of the pressure i am currently feeling whem it comes to my family and work. My family (husband and daughter) because if i wont be able to keep this job, then we dont have enough money to buy my baby's needs and the phone bill that we have. My husband because it seems like he is just taking all of my efforts for granted, and i only get little support from him. But tonihgt, i was able to get a passing grade for both exams and is currently helping me reach the average score. I really need this job, or else, our future will be blurred. If my husband still remembers, we are to leave my fathers house this year to establish ourselves. From the rate of his job, we wont be able toachieve it, thats why i decided toget a job. Now, i dont know if it is beacause he doesn't have a ad printed, or he is just plain lazy, he is not doing effort to earn money. He is currently relying on the payment his client will make on this month, when? i dont know. I just hope we initiate, so that i can feel that my effort are with meaning. I know i sound materialistic, but i just hope and wish he earns, enough for the three of us.

Friday, March 3, 2006
11:14 p.m.
And it came to pass...

mock calls

I am so scared for my mock calls tonight. Imight fail again, and i cant afford to fail anymore. I already have 4 failing marks, though not all of them looks bad, its just that that their passinggrade is 85%. God bless me......

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
10:06 p.m.
And it came to pass...

take it seriously

I am very much early for my class tonight, and i really dont have anything to do right now except to watch chuckies bride on tv in the pantry...a very good wake up movie indeed. As to what my title says, yup im taking the class seriously from now on. i dont want to take any retake of exams oranything. First, its a waste of time, second, i get a nose bleed. So from now on, its all business.

Saturday, February 25, 2006
02:07 a.m.
And it came to pass...

mighty hampster man!

its my second day of prod training and i happen to fail the quiz. so i did a retake only to find out that i have the same score like the first one. What a waste of time. What i did, i went to jollibee and bought a burger for me and my friend since she has been so kind to accompany me all the time. with regards to the mighty hampster man, well he still misses our comms trainer and is now no longer spreading the disease. poor guy....

Friday, February 24, 2006
02:43 a.m.
And it came to pass...


like the title sats, i have to do a retake of my OCP (operations checkpoint) for my comms training. I went blank on the first part, that why i missed a point to pass. This is now my first day of Product training were we are dealing with lease and loans for our campaign. Good luck to me, and i hope i dont get a nose bleed. T.T

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
09:37 p.m.
And it came to pass...

An early bird

Yah! I'm early for my work today. We are actually not allowed to use the internet here in the training room, but the hell, she, the trainer is not here so beat it! This morning, my husband made a letter for me and it made me cry. Not because its a bad letter, but a sweet one. I thought he lost his touch already...*giggles*

Saturday, February 18, 2006
12:56 a.m.
And it came to pass...

a new job

Atlast!!! for the past months of being unemployed i now have a job. I now workin a callcenter somewhere else (i'm not gonna say where, i think someone is still stalking me) and its pretty cool. I'm now under training and everyting seems to be pretty well. Im doing this in our pantry, it forfree anyways. Its my fiorst so i still have things to learn...

Saturday, July 16, 2005
04:47 p.m.
And it came to pass...

life...or the way it should be...

yup, as it is said, life. Sometimes its godd, most of the time its bad. I recieved, for the nth time, another letter from a company offering me a position in their organization.And the sad part of it is that i cant take it. As i have said before, me and my husband agreed that i will get a job next year. Nothing really changed, except that its gets depressing as time passes. So Sad....

Sunday, July 10, 2005
05:02 p.m.
And it came to pass...

Its my husband's birthday!!!!!

Happy birthday!!!
i know, its been eternity since i last wrote something here. Um, im still jobless...wala kasing mapagkakatiwalaan sa baby ko, though im going to apply next year, at least madali na bantayan baby ko. I really want to go to work thogh my husband really wants me to work next year. Its this feeling that you dont have anything at hand that you can say "i worked hard for this". FYI, my husband is in real estate so in order to get money you have to sell property and that is not easy. I would like to help him, but i think as a man, or a male, the ego is being hurt. I just hope that in the end, everything will end well.